Real conversations based on who you truly are.

Vera is the platform for meeting compatible people

Take Personality Test

At Vera, we use scientific tests to build your psychometric profile and introduce you to compatible people. Get started by taking our personality test.

Genuine compatibility

We understand our users at a deep level thanks to science-based testing. A few minutes are enough to get your own psychometric profile. Then, we connect you to the right people based on your personality, values, and interests…

And it’s time for your true self to shine.

Looks are not enough

We’re all conditioned to judge others on their physical appearance, but attraction doesn’t mean a thing between incompatible people. That is why on Vera, profile pictures are blurred until you’ve had your first one-on-one conversation with a given person.

Trust in science

Vera brings people together in a way that is scientifically proven to work best. Humans evolved to get their first impressions in small groups rather than one-on-one or in a crowd. Our psychometric tests and a state-of-the-art, AI-based matching algorithm ensure you’ll be talking to just the right people from our nearly 5 million members.

Quality over quantity

A dozen chats open and all they ever say to you is “hi”? We’ve been there, and we did not like it. At Vera, you only get presented with a limited number of carefully selected people who match your true character. No more endless swiping, time for some exciting conversations.

Real conversations

Meeting people on Vera feels so natural that you’ll forget you’re not at a real-life party. No more awkward first messages. We’ll connect you to a small-size audio chatroom with a group of like-minded people who’d love to discuss your shared interests.