We believe in the power of small group conversations

Throughout human history, we’ve mostly socialized in small, intimate groups.

Unfortunately, online media pushes people to just consume information – instead of participating in discussions, sharing ideas, and growing closer to each other.

We believe that conversations between small groups of like-minded people can be a great experience and make it easier to really get to know each other.

We believe that looks are overrated

While we’re hardwired by our instincts to look for physical attraction, people who may not initially appear to be as attractive may in fact make us happier in the long term, whether as our friends or partners.

That’s why we’ve decided to blur profile pictures until members have exchanged at least a few messages.

Mental and emotional factors are much more important than looks.

That’s why we match people primarily based on compatible personalities, interests and values.

This makes it much more likely for you to find someone you will actually get along with.

We believe that science can determine compatibility

Of course, everyone is unique, and relationships are without doubt an art as well as a science. We realize we can’t all be boiled down to coefficients and described as a neat mathematical formula. We’re all much more than that!

Still, we believe that psychometric tests provide valuable insights and are a fantastic way to form an initial connection based on who you are on the inside.